Meet Gretchen

I’m a coffee-loving girl that’s been married for 35 years and a mom of three grown “kids”.

"A Powerful You!"

was created to inspire self-care and personal growth breakthroughs.


I was a sugar addict!

When my youngest son said, “Mommy I don’t think I have one sweet tooth, I think all my teeth are sweet.”, it was a wake-up call.

I felt like a failure, being the best mom to my kids was always my number one priority.

I was a sugar addict and, by my example, my kids were addicted to sugar too.

 I felt so much shame and guilt for all those trips to Dairy Queen for ice cream.


I had to take a long look at my life; me as a mom

and just ME.

I saw that I was unhappy with me…my body, my health and I was self-medicating with sugar.

I decided I didn’t want to be that woman anymore and that my self-care cup was EMPTY.

I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I had stopped taking care on of ME. 


I decided to get healthy. I started investing in myself.

I knew I had to address my sugar addiction and start eating healthy. Together with a homeopathic doctor,

I learned how to eat healthy nutritious food and how to prepare healthy meals for my family.

I learned to love healthy food, read labels, prep snacks and meals…
I started feeling more alive and vibrant.

And in the process, my kids learned to love vegetables…even brussels sprouts and broccoli! 


I wear many hats to make this happen

And here are the reasons why

Why I am passionate about coaching women like you?

I care about you.

I know how much you give to everyone else.
I can relate because I was you.

I created “A Powerful You!” to support women on their self-care transformation journey.

I believe you are strong and powerful!

You just need support to fill your cup and confidently live a joyful and passion-filled life.

I want YOU to know how grateful I am
that you are here reading this

AND how much you matter to me!

My passion for supporting other women on their breakthrough self-care journey inspired me to start
"A Powerful You!

Four ways I provide support for you self-care journey:

Live your LIFE!

Life is a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs!
My self-care journey started with a sugar addiction breakdown, which led to more breakdowns AND breakthroughs.
My journey has led me to YOU.
I see YOU and I believe in YOU.
You matter!
You are powerful!

What is holding you back from your dreams?

What do you need to start filling your cup and taking your life back?

Let's start filling your self-care cup TODAY.

So you can give everyone in your life your best,
starting with YOU!!