Feeling healthy, energized, motivated and fueled with clarity

This is what your life will be like.
Are you ready to start?

Every journey starts with a single step...
let’s start now...


Feeling low in energy and struggling every day will be a thing of the past! Let’s start now!

- Free 30 minute initial consult

- $50/hr for personalized coaching

What do you want? You read my list…what’s on your list? What will it take to get there?

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis

In the past, I struggled to

  • ask for help

  • let people know what I needed

  • speak in a clear authentic voice

  • and, set boundaries

Now, these are my superpowers!

Self-care starts with loving yourself as much as you love the other people in your life.

Taking care of you is NOT selfish, it is self-FULL!

You must make yourself a priority!

Through the coaching packages offered, we will identify areas in your life that are not working.

These are the breakdowns.

Then we will work together to create strategies to guide you, support you and give you the skills you need

to feel more successful, happier, healthier, motivated, and fulfilled.

These are the breakthroughs!!

A Powerful You! Coaching

Client Breakthroughs

  • Better work life balance

  • Stopped eating junk food

  • Started eating healthy, nutritious food

  • Lost weight and kept it off

  • Started working out...moving!

  • Set goals and kicked ass!

  • Felt more in control of their life

  • Found time for self-care

  • Said goodbye to toxic relationships

Let's start filling your self-care cup and create breakthroughs together!

A 30 day program with weekly check-ins

Self-Care 101 (Fast Track!)

This is the perfect program to get you started on your self-care journey!

After our initial consultation, we will start each week with an hour coaching call. We will identify the area of self-care and personal growth to focus on that week. A clear plan of action will identify your weekly “homework”. Setting clear goals and providing accountability will be the cornerstone of our work.

Together we will look at the breakdowns that have drained your self-care cup and create breakthroughs!


An 8 week program with weekly check-ins

Fill ‘R Up! (Diving Deeper)

This program provides the same support as outlined in Self-Care 101. Each week we will cover the following topics to provide additional coaching support for your self-care and personal growth journey:

Week 1: F - Face the Music!

Week 2: I - Invest in YOU!

Week 3: L - Live in the Moment

Week 4: L - Learning and Personal Growth

Week 5: R - Radical Boundaries

Week 6: U - Uplifting Goals

Week 7: P - Practicing Gratitude

Week 8: FILL ‘R UP – Overview


In addition to the one-on-one coaching packages, I also provide:

  • group coaching

  • online workshops

  • motivational speaking

  • self-care guidebook

Interested in self-publishing?
Need additional support in your self-publishing journey?

Coaching for new authors providing guidance, assistance, encouragement and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have time to start a whole new routine?

We will take small, incremental steps to fit your schedule and accommodate your current routine. Once we identify and incorporate these small changes, we will build on creating more breakthroughs. Over time, you will learn how to not only fill your self-care cup but will be able to refill it when it gets drained.

Is it really worth the cost to work with a self-care coach?

I think any investment in your health, happiness and well-being is worth the cost. That being said, you need to evaluate where you believe you will find the most benefit. I have found in my life journey that investing in my self-care, which has included coaching, personal therapy, personal training, has been worth it. For me, it provided the accountability and focus that I needed. You are worth it!

It’s not that bad, maybe I can just wait to see what happens?

Waiting it out is an option, but not a good one in my opinion. Rarely, do things just “get better” unless we take action. Together we will create an action plan and set goals that are attainable and life changing. Now more than ever, it’s time to get healthy, happy and empowered!