It's time to take care of you!

This is how I filled my self-care cup during the pandemic… I wrote a children’s book! This is a passion project dedicated to my children and celebrates my journey as a Mom!

Hello, Powerful Woman!

My passion is to help women just like you, to start your self-care and personal growth journey NOW!


Find the personalized self-care coaching that best meets your needs


Personal experiences, storytelling and humor are interwoven for inspirational outcomes.


Check out both categories: children’s and self-care.

Gretchen Kadillak
The Self-Care Coach

A daughter, mother, sister, life partner, friend, co-worker, you are all this and more!

Continually meeting the needs and making the world right for ALL of the important people in your life.

You do all this every day and so much more!

I see you!


is the time to take care of


"Gretchen Kadillak is an amazing motivational speaker and workshop leader. I was fortunate to participate in her Self-Care Workshop, which was life-changing for me and so many other members. Her mantra "Take care of you!" rings in my ears when it is most needed. Gretchen has helped me re-focus and remember to take care of myself as I'm planning and growing a demanding business. Thank you Gretchen!"
April Cox
Founder of Little Labradoodle Publishing, Creator of Self-Publishing Made Simple Program, Award Winning Author

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